Searched for a while for replacement door handles to suit new bear claw latches which are much safer than the old 70 year old stock ones. Needed extra clearance for the handle link inside to clear the window, so decided that raising the mounting area to the height of the ribs worked best. The new handle didn't fit between them anyway. Made the patch clear the old hole and move it inwards at the same time.


Welded in. Moving the handle inwards means the mounting pad lines up with the end of the existing ribs and moved the link over the glass rather than on top of the glass channel for more clearance. After hours of searching I ended up choosing some die-cast chrome handles I had spare imported for my XJ Jeep Cherokee to replace the plastic ones it had.


Used the handle's gasket to mark out the hole needed. Holes cut out and hole drilled for the stud at the other end.


Need to build a mounting pad for this end too and do something about the centre rib. I thought shortening the rib was the best thing as gives more clearance for the knuckles.


I had cut a slot up the middle of the rib and then hammered it down do get rid of the excess material. The slot closed right up once flat, so then just welded it closed. A new mounting pad for the handle will be added after cutting out the area in the same way as the other end. As it was hard to planish the area flat after welding, so I made up this dolly to suit out of some scrap.