Laying the door over on a trestle, I could just hammer down on the dolly to flatten the two mounting pads. Think the size and squareness of the handle suits the door.


The slightly bigger size suits the proportions of the bigger than stock door as well. Can see how the rib removal behind the handle works well for the knuckle clearance.


Bought a new bear claw door latch kit to update the nearly 70 year old stock ones. Was hoping to use the donor Jeep ones, but they were just way to big to fit. These come in a small and large styles, but chose the large which is recommended for heavier doors as has more latching strength. The position was same as stock centring on the B pillar recess. It will fit over the old location in the door as well.


Will have to find a way around the interference of the locking lever with the window channel. The large and small styles are both the same thickness at 19mm- 3/4". Will have to hammer out the side of the door a bit to make sure it clears.


The mounting plate is is fully welded into position. Just showing on the other door how I pre-tensioned the door by clamping down onto the trestle before welding it. The shrinkage of the welding brought it back flat again along the back of the door.