Need to lengthen the bonnet due to the guard stretch and the wider V of the grille centre. I cut some from the old rear wall left over from the 58 cab. I cut it with some arc and then ran dividers between the cowl and the piece and cut along that line to get the right edge shape.


The factory edge was folded back over on itself. This is as far as I can tip it on the bead roller. I have also shrunk the edge a little knowing that it will need that once it is flattened due to the direction of the slight arc of the edge. To take the fold further, I hammered it over my modified wood splitter head. It was then given a fresh coat of galvanised paint under the fold.


Just hammered over the bench first with the mallet and then the body hammer. Also a few passes through the English wheel to get it dead even quickly. Next the cast FJ Land Cruiser hinges were bolted back on and the piece was clamped on with the right gap and centred. Holes and hinge positions scribed.


This is the same wedge I made for the cowl to make the hinge bases level on the rounded cowl. The same needs to be done for the bonnet to stop binding. The wedge was bolted down to the table along with the extension piece.


Just quickly chased around the wedge with rounded cold chisels. Bolted in and the hinges stay level even though the bonnet curves.