So I started making a new side but had used up all my long lengths of the sheet. So welded a piece on to the end to make it long enough. Only the part that will be used was fully welded with the rest tacked so I could use it for leverage. Cut the excess off ready to replace the bowed side.


Now that I had a replacement ready to go, I thought I would give straightening it one more go by using a torch instead of the shrinking disc this time. Well it went too far and pulled sideways again! At least I gave it my best shot, so cut it free ready to replace it.


This turns out to be the biggest redo I have had to do for the whole Willys Truck build. Not bad considering that I am learning as I go along. Here is the sheet fully welded in one go, apart from repositioning myself and needing more filler wire. No planishing has taken place yet.


All stretching of the weld was done using the tools shown. Being a tig weld that is softer than mig and very little build up, I did my stretching without any grinding first. All ground down, sanded and run over with a Scotchbrite disc.

Now I can cut away the ends and weld in the rounded sections so all four sides will look the same. I will then work out the distortion you can see left that is from the un-wheeled areas at the ends.


Video update No. 34.


Video update No.35