Looking to make a storage chest to go against the head board of the truck bed. What to dress it up a bit embossing Willys into it in the scale of the Willys Knight sign I have. I taped some clear plastic over the sign and then freehanded it to be more like the small Willys logo.


I took elements from both logos to get what I liked the look of. I prefer the flowing script of the Knight sign for instance over the other one. Transferred from the plastic to the card underneath by just running over the script hard with a ball point pen and then going over the impression left in the card afterwards.


Cut the script out and drew around it to get my embossing pattern. This is 304 stainless steel 0.7mm thick and still does not stretch well at all. I have done all I can reach with my bead roller and will turn the dies around to complete it.


Finished going around using the art dies in my bead roller. I decided to stretch the embossing by hammering the letter face to get it to sit flat and correct the distortion.


My steel table is made from two old rusted barbeque plates and the surface imperfections transferred into the hammered area as expected. One day I will have to get a new top for the table. Used a DA sander and a strip disc to help get rid of the tooling marks etc. Have to be really careful as is only 23 gauge so could easily make it too thin.


A bit of fine sanding on the embossing to bring it out. I wanted a brush finish for the stainless as think it will be more practical. Tried different grades of sandpaper and Scotch-brite and ended up settling on the purple extreme scrub bought at the supermarket.


Then hit the script with good old Autosol. I designed the box so I could access all the seams with my spot welded as the stainless is so thin. I had a oil can in the front face and thought I would try using a heat gun on the high spot for 15-20 seconds. Then cooled with a damp rag. Took the oil can right out!


Thought to make a lid for it in a similar design to the doors and back of the cab. The radius in the corners also match it. Using step dies this time rather than art dies as keeps things flatter.


Using the heat gun to shrink where the metal gathered in the corners as it is so near the edge. All finished! Handles are to carry it by and the small loops to hook a finger in to lift the lid. Have anchor fittings each end so it can be strapped down.