The holesaw thickness left a nice even gap all the way around to get a nice deep weld in from both sides. The lower mount was then clamped up into position to check that the lower control arm ended up at the same angle as I had recorded before pulling the the donor.


The original upper control arm mount will be used again. The tube passed through the donor frame rail and will have it pass through the upper control arm plates in this case. The upper arms were placed at the donor factory angle and made sure the pinion was at it too matching the transfer case output flange.


Can see how well the upper control arm is supported. Both ends of the arms brackets were plated as well to further strengthen them.


Fully welded the brackets in place. Also ground a V into the join ready for weld on the rear cross member as well to ensure full penetration.


Rear cross member welded in on top and the vertical join needs no further prep before welding. The cross member over the diff was also welded in once bump stops had been fitted and the suspension fully compressed to make sure there was plenty of clearance to the upper control arm axle mounts.