On this side I cut the seam out completely first. This was due to the fact that the laser level showed this side to be taller than the other by 5mm-3/16". But also that the cowl width was out 2mm so dealt with that at the same time. I straighten out the fold and then refolded it by hand as it has a slight curve near the top.


Can just make out the curve which will join onto the A pillar at the top of the fold. I used the completed side where I had already gotten all the correct angles to make sure this side turned out the same when adding on the door sill.


So to wrap up. The door sill profile has been extended right across the bottom of the cowl. The Willys pressing added and the bead running along the forward edge continues now to the bottom. Cowl seam has been welded up and cut away flush from the back. Rust repairs, including replacing nearly the whole bottom 12" as well as part of the door sill done. Holes filled and dents removed. The whole bottom half of the cab, back wall included, does not have a single original spot weld left! Now onto the donor firewall where these attach. The upper part was angled 10* forward and needed to be vertical.


I have pulled around the edge leaving the area where the brake booster etc attaches untouched as much as possible.  I did this be continuing the flat part of the floor further forward. See on the photo before how the curve started as the trestle and now it is at the oval hole. I angled the fold using a curved flipper.


In between the ridges I used a curved dolly that matched the flipper. Also dressed it out using a curved hammer that I had made the heads on for such a task with a dolly underneath.