Need to repair the inner structure to make sure I had the right shape for the outer panel. The area was a bit thin higher up as well so that was removed.


All welded in and can see the pitted area that was cut out. The sill extension was folded up was the same radius bends to match in with the rest of the sill including the crown in the piece. The end was cut away to match the pattern taken before hand so it could be bent to match.


With the little lip in the way, it was easier to place the curved flipper where it needed to be bent and hit down on it with the mallet. This was repeated until is matched the curve.


Welded closed and sanded smooth it has come up nicely. This was then welded to the bottom of the cowl and the door sill welded back in place. Looks much better I feel now with the sill flowing to the end. Just think the vertical bead along the edge should do the same.


Now with the bead extended it looks more 'framed' and finished than before. A lot of work was also put into the door end of the cowl to get a good door gap. It was much wider where the old repair had been made so has all stretched and hammered back into line with the door edge. With the vent just lying in place you can see how I have placed the bottom of it to line up with the top of the guard.