Needed to make a new upper panel to close the area off between the top seam of the new firewall and the underside of the Willys cowl. The original had a stiffening bead around the hinge mounts as well as curving under the wiper motor. Thought I would do similar but flip the curve to suit the cowl more. To plot the curve I just used a metal ruler between magnets at the points I needed. Then rolled the bead in the manual roller I bought.


Want to tidy up the ends of the bead. Notched out a piece of pipe where its ID matches the OD of the bead. Just placed it on the table and gave it a hit and much neater now. Tried it over some rubber as well but straight on the bench gave the best result.


Had to raise where the bead had been run over in the other direction. Clamped a curved hammer face in the vice and used a small soft headed mallet to get the crease out. I tried a square outside corner first using some notched SHS, but decided on the same tube trick with only a 1/4 left to curve the bottom corner.


Now to use the tipping wheel for the first time. I just made my own from on old washer and one of my roller skat wheels. Tightened it down into the wheel about 3 turns. First pass I just guided the wheel through to mark the line and start the bending.


Next pass I lifted up on the side of the piece as it passed through increasing the bend. Forth pass and is far as I can go. It is touching the bolt head as well as the side of the washer. An extra turn can give a little more but was close enough to hammer and dolly the last bit.