This is a bonnet off a FJ45 Toyota Landcruiser. Wanting to use the louvers from it. Looks like they liked the Willys Wagons and Trucks which predate the first Landcruiser by 5 years. Even the hinges are in the exact same spot which works in my favour. :) Unfortunately the other side is damaged and will need to be repaired.


Underside shows where the bonnet was dragged across something. Cut a block of timber to match the curve of the Willys bonnet in the same area as the louvers will go. Can see it matches the Toyota bonnet just the same.


Used a bolster to hammer over the block to bring the back edge of the louver down to the right shape. Only hammered on the flat strip between each louver.


Back side shows a lot of improvement already. To repair the crease in the louvers, and bring the front of them up, I just quickly shaped some timber to match.


Used this hammer to raise the crease and the front of the louver over the timber stake. Looks a lot better. In fact I have to work on the 'undamaged' side now to make it as even!