New piece to extend the body work forward onto the new B pillar tacked in. Tig welded it together. First time welding vertical with a tig over such a long distance. Much easier than I would have thought.


Made a dolly up from a old tow hook from my Jeep to fit between the B pillar and the body so I could planish it to stretch the weld shrink out. Spent more hours on getting the shape of the extension bit better and smoother. Welded the second B pillar to it. Will weld that to the original B pillar and floor later in case I need to adjust it.


I made sure the the pillar matched the door back edge when square to the sill. Knowing how much to cut off the other part of the door was just a matter of measuring the gap.


I didn't take off anything for the door gap so I had 3mm-1/8" adjustment to get good alignment. Here it sits straight after the first cut. The extension piece is just sitting on the sill without the gap needed so why it is bit low. But can see that I will need to do something about the top opening in the panel.


It had a dimple right where I need it to be flat so raised that first. Then got a piece of scrap the right thickness to match the step around the hole. Welded that onto a thicker piece to hammer against. Clamped it into place and supported the bottom of the vice grip and also the door skin to free up a hand.