It fits really well and might even use some more after paint! The cut outs at the bottom are so the water drains are not blocked. I dropped the donor leather seats into place. Full electric with lumbar adjustment and heated etc. Easy job as they will just bolt into the donor floor I have used. Tested to see if the airbag light would go out and now it does. :)

Video update.


Fitted 'A' profile V belts to replace the rotted out tack strips. Fit perfectly and will take staples well too I read for the upholstery. Making some door armrests from scratch. I first started by coming up with a top shape that I liked. Then cut a template from some sheet steel. Held it 90* to the bench while I laid over some card to get the side template. With the curved part hanging over the bench, the card could be rolled over the edge and the excess marked and cut off to be flat with the bench top.


They are tapered to better suit the wedge shape of the cab as the back of the doors are further away from the seats than the front. Using steel that was once office shelves, I cut the top and back to be one piece after folding it. The sides were from another office shelf.


Rolled the ends over a pipe T dolly using a lead beating bat I bought while in England as a souvenir. I'm nothing but practical! No hammer marks this way and gives a nice even roll right across the piece. Just sitting there but fits up very well without gaps. I left the base long so it stays flat and square. After it is tack welded together, I can just cut the rest off.


It will sit at the same height off the floor as the top of the console for good ergonomics. Making sure I have enough room for the speakers as well. I didn't like the generic window switches that came with the electric window kit, so using the donor Jeep ones to keep it all plug and play as well. It also has the central and window lock controls.


I fitting some laminated ply to the top so the switch plates could be recessed. I have the switch plates just shy of flush by the thickness of the leather that will be applied. More to come on these while I wait for the recessed pull handles to arrive and will make a leather padded piece that will cover the whole arm rest. It will have a cut out just for the front window and central locking switches, (hiding the rear pair), and another for the recessed handle.