Also got some chrome plated cast steel wiper bezels. These seal against the cowl completely leak free, unlike the last set I tried made from a soft rubber. These suit early Minis, Triumph Spitfire & GT6 and MGB's. These and the wiper washes were bought from Classic Bits on eBay. I scored in that the bezel kept the wiper wheel box at the correct angle which is parallel to the glass angle. Otherwise the wipers will not run smoothly as the pressure will change throughout the sweep if not matched.


Testing here the best position to mount my new chrome windscreen washers. I decided to order two twin squirters to give good coverage to the split windscreen. Was able to save having them in the bonnet and the hoses will run under the dash instead. The exact centre of each windscreen half put it inline with the hinge. These are are good quality as machined from solid brass and are Lucas style as fitted to many early English cars.

Well look what we scored. We tried to get these licence plates 12 years ago, but they were already long gone. They have never been assigned to a vehicle so in new condition. Looking forward to the day I can register the Willys with these plates. :)