The stock rod for the actuator won't work as angle is too great and in the way of the end of the glass channel. Bent the first bend in the vise but the second bend wont work in it. So clamped a set of Visegrips in the vise to make the second bend.


Knocked it over and now matches the stock rod. I also put another step in it so it would line up directly under the pivot link. Less wear on the actuator this way.


     First two bends are to locate it in the top of the actuator. Last two bends are to get it lined under the pivot link.


Here it is all mounted up. In the locked position left, unlocked position middle. Screws will be hidden under the door card which sits inside the recess. Wafer head self drilling screws were used to hold it in place. The self drilling ones are hardened and won't wallow out over time. Can also see why the joggle was needed in the bracket.


I am getting rid of the 1/4 vent windows and going to one piece glass. It means that the door check bracket has to be removed as can't run that style anymore. I'll have to come up with something else like a simple strap that the CJ Jeeps have. To fill all the spot weld holes I just use a thick piece of copper under the hole and weld it shut with the mig. The oval hole I have cut a patch for.