All the holes gone. Will grind them down to a razor blade thickness above the parent metal. Then flap disc to flush followed by a strip disc. Hammer dollied the weld area flat and all done.


Out of the four doors I had, only one of the window channels needs replacing. I'll be using the same channels that ran down the latch end of the doors at both ends now. They are left and right so need one of each in each door. Fortunately I only had to fold up the channel and the mounts were still alright.


The channel will sit inside the door where shown by the holes drilled. It will sit at the same height as the latch end of the door. Also note that 5mm-3/16" spacer was added to the mounts to space it out to line up under the window frame correctly and not interfere with the hinge reinforcements. Just showing on a scrap door the curved piece in the corner, as well as the piece holding the inner and outsides together, that has to be removed.


The latch end of the door channel alignment was first checked to make sure it was a straight line from the window frame down all the way inside the door channel. Used the old 1/4 vent channel inside the other one to check, but also found a string line worked well. Glass does not bend so needs to be inline. The factory holes were a bit off so I welded them shut and moved them over and then copied that over to the hinge side of the door. I bought two 2400mm-96" lengths of flexible window channel the same as stock. They are cloth covered with the bristles on the sides.


Can see the back of the channel is segmented allowing you to bend it around the corners. The channel inside is made from aluminium.