Before removing it I marked where I wanted it to stop plus a few millimetres for the rubber stop compression. I prefer this way than the common bolt as won't damage the nylon guide and is not harsh when it reaches it. Next up is the window felt that goes on the window sill for the outside of the glass. Most I see just run it straight into the corners, but thought I would try and bend it to suit the radius instead.


Just using things I had in the washer draw, I made up this little jig. The felt is the same as used in the window channel and is attached to cloth that is clamped into a steel backing with wire rod inside the edges. Just drew the window sill outline onto the cardboard template I had used for the window.


Was a bit fiddly passing it through back and forth and also had to keep straightening the rest of it. Make sure the wire can come out the end as it needs to go somewhere as you shrink the inside radius. I got most the the second bend done as well before cutting it with a little extra spare.


Just about there now and will cut it with tin snips after marking it on the angle it needs. Can see how it follows the radius around.


If I had just gone straight ahead you would see it disappear leaving a gap looking from the outside. I used 1/8" rivets to hold it in place. I want all the holes in place before it gets painted so why I have already installed it, even though it has to be removed again.