This was the only place it could go in the end and still be comfortable to use. The handle fits right in without interfering with the window.


The rod is pretty long so I use thicker gauge and then just ground the ends down to fit into the link locks. I had to step it inwards from the handle arm so it could go between the window guide track and the inner panel. Did have to remove one of the old armrest mounts so it could pass by. I tried a big step up vertically as well in the rod first, but there was too much flex with the extra bends. Fitted into the lock release lever. Same one that the outside handle button connects too.


Can see the step to make it go close to the inner panel to get past the track. Another bit done that took longer than it should, but that often happens.


I felt it still needed a little more refinement. It worked fine but you barely operated the handle and it would release the door. So rather than move the link even closer to the pivot point of the handle, I thought it would be best if I increased the length of the release lever at the lock end. Tried a couple of different lengths and found 40mm-1.5" longer worked the best. Now it has normal range of movement at the handle plus it reduced the angle of the link between the two ends. If you extend the release lever at the lock to too long, it increases the effort on the door button to release from the outside. Well something is missing!


What is it doing out there? I had put the cab over to one side with the camper behind it and suddenly it looked like I'd done a mock up!