Shaped the bar to match the profile of the rest of the trim. Closest end still needs to be capped. Here they are installed. I was originally thinking to paint them and the window surround body colour, but will go with satin black to match the leather and the dash etc.


Just showing how I make the trim pieces that go at each end of the windscreen centre bar as need custom length ones anyway. These are not reproduced and there is a shortish of them. Started with the main fold and then folded the edges over the end of the bench leaving the other end flat like stock. To add the curve I simply opened up the vice to support the sides and hammered with a round faced hammer.


A 1/8" pilot hole was drilled and punched over the drilled bar stock. Followed by the second punch with the wider chamfer.


Can see how I had to make them a bit different than the stock ones on the right due to my dash and header differences. But making stock shaped ones would be the same technique. Here is the bottom one installed over the Willys lower windscreen trim. The trim will be painted to match the dash after everything gets pulled down for body paint.


Next trim pieces was across the top of the windscreen. Original size is laying on the top, but felt it was out of scale with the A pillar covers I had made. So going to piece together off cuts from the door window trims. As luck would have it the trim was the perfect size to support the windscreen seal and hook around and protect the front edge of the headliner!


I have cut the end to follow the profile of the A pillar trim and left just enough of the curve to match the headliner and windscreen seal. Ended up having to join 3 pieces together for each half. Had to shape it around the centre console and allow for the wiring loom to the mirror.


Covered it in matching trim to the A pillar. Can see the upper and lower clips I made for the centre bar. The screws go right through the trim to the back of the outside centre bar and clamp it all together. The windscreen is now supported all the way around.


At sitting height very little of the trim is seen, but frames the windscreen nicely I think. I left the bottom trim stock width as it has the defrost louver in it and didn't want to reduce the depth of the dash anymore visually or cover the side window defrost vents.


All the contenders lined up in a row! Left to right and just out of shot is Dark Amber by DNA paints and is a candy. 2016-2018 Jeep Tank Green. A green I saw on a 32 Ford Roadster. Jeep Sting-Gray, ( also know as Ceramic Gray or Destroyer Gray ). Nissan Dark Green Pearl. Jeep Eco Green Pearl. House of Kolor Pagan Gold over Black. And the winner is Harley Davidson Olive Gold Pearl. Plastic mini bonnet to see how HD Olive Gold looks on a flatter plane.


Light coming though the clear roofing panel. More of the gold pearl showing. Shows up the defects in the plastic bonnet too, so will have to be done over very good prep work. Direct sunlight.