Once everything was done that I could easily do from the topside, time to do the underside. When I had stripped down the donor Grand Cherokee body, I have made a rotisserie from two engine stands. I made some adaptors so I could easily flip the chassis upside down.


Once everything had been stripped and cleaned, I used the Rustblast phosphoric acid on the whole frame, as had done with everything else already painted. I found the 50mm/2" foam roller worked really well and can get into tight spaces. Didn't end up using the 100mm/4" rollers at all.



Everything is now painted and also top coated with epoxy from a spray can where direct sunlight can reach. On the next project I will go to the trouble of setting up a temporary spray booth and spray paint the KBS paint as really impressed with the product. Just would get a better finish and save a lot of time doing with a gun instead


Updating the work being done at the Donburn Customs. Everything is being prepared for a high build epoxy. They did not find anything at all that needed any panel work at all which is nice to hear.


Before any painting they are using Australian made products especially for the restoration industry. https://www.restofinish.com.au/ These include degreasers, acid treatment and preservers. Some old pitting in the bonnet was cleaned out with garnet blasting to make sure everything was super clean.


Can see what was spot blasted. Good to see they are being super careful with getting everything rust free.


This high build epoxy coating will be blocked and any filler will be applied over it rather than on bare metal to better seal it.