So at long last it is down in the corner of the nearly finished workshop. :) Of course the dog and cat had to check it out!


Decided to give it a bit of a clean out. Didn't look too bad before I started I thought. But I didn't even know there was a steel floor under the timber planking! This barrow showed only some of the dirt etc that came out of it!


Even found the original under the floor pivot brake and clutch pedals as well as the wiper pivots and crank handle I suspect? The cab floor was pretty good. Only a few small holes with the biggest the size of your pinkie. The firewall is a mess though having been butchered to fit a Ford V8 farmers style at one point. Thinking anyway of replacing it with the donors vehicle one including the floor to get all the brake and seat mounts etc. All depends on how much difference there is in the width after the cab has been widened. Might still not be wide enough.


Had to try what the spare tyre from the trailer looked like under it. Not bad at this height but that is a 30" tall tyre and not sure if I will be going that big yet. Dropped on the bumper I imported already from the US over the front of the chassis rails. They normally sit way further forward than this but quite like the look of it like that. It also has 'Willys' pressed into the centre of it as well.


Tried the wheel on the back too but that has to come down some. It is only sitting on the wheel skates right now. A quick measurement shows the chassis rising 9"-10" from the low point under the cab. Hope that will be enough kick up to get it lower still? The dog feels right at home in the back already. Pity he wont be around by the time it is finished. :( It also shows the spare wagon grille and bonnet that was inside the cab that I didn't know about until I picked it up!


This is the tailgate I brought over from the US as well. I got one from there as it has the 'WO' stamped in the middle for the Willys Overland company. Should look good when I build a new rear bed for it. I have even already bought the licence plates for the Hotrod once it is finished. This was as close as I could get to Willys and was surprised that I could even get these. The slim line will be for the front and the larger for the back. Here we can buy personalized plates and they are ours for life and can assign to any vehicle we own and swap them to another if we sell that vehicle. Can even sell the plates and they can then be used on the buyers vehicle once the paper work has been done.