Well the donor has just been bought! :) WH/WK 2008 Grand Cherokee with a 5.7 V8 HEMI. Just got to get it home now as was bought at auction 2000 km away.


Well I now have it home. So getting my very first look at it was exciting and worrying at the same time wondering just how bad the damage was. Turned out it was about what I expected so that is always a good thing.


So here it is next to my Jeep with the guard dog checking it out. Glad to find the Jeep Hemi engine cover in the back as well. Hope to use that in the Willys build.


First thought someone had stripped a heap out of the dash but found it all behind the back seat. :) Have since plugged it in and all still works except for the entertainment centre so far.


Much thanks go to the original owner Leo who was kind enough to send down to me a spare transmitter. This allowed me to see what still works and doesn't. Thanks mate. :) You can see here the main front damage is just next to the frame rail missing all the suspension and vital components I want to use. It did push the battery back about a foot though!  Radiator still holds water though and the engine runs sweetly. :)