The next cross member serves to brace the load on top of the upper control arm mounts to stop any twisting of it and the frame. This has been made from 75x50mm, or 3"x2", RHS  The support for the middle tank strap also has been fitted.


The stock fuel tank straps did not require altering to fit the new mounts. The heights of the cross members can be better seen now too. The first one is dictated to hold the fuel tank down and the second one was made to clear the higher part of the tank and also be level with the back half of the frame to support the bed later on.


The stock cross members along side the frame to show how similar in shape and specs they are. Just a lot stronger now being new without rust and fully boxed. The front suspension has been fitted up as well and went together without any problems.


Still plenty of clearance at full lock. Rear suspension and swaybar fitted as well. Trying out lower than stock springs to compensate for the lower overall weight expected, especially in the rear.


Interesting to see the similarities between the frame and the 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup which has the exact same engine as an option as well.