First photo shows how the tank strap originally bolted on to the up turned floor. While the tank was out I could weld in the cross member as well.


Plenty of clearance between the cross member and the exhaust. I also added some gussets between the upper control arm brackets and the cross member. It also allowed me to seal it off as I couldn't get a weld in under the cross member as was too tight.


Decided to add in a K member to comply with Street Rod Registration requirements in case I should go on club registration later on. It ties in nicely with the control arm brackets. The K member stops the frame from trying to turn into a parallelogram under hard acceleration. Can't compress a triangle after all.


The triangle plate further reinforces the junction but also serves as the middle mount for the fuel tank. With the tank back in can see why the bends were necessary to clear the higher portion of the fuel tank.


Rounded off the outer corners of the first cross member to make it look more cohesive with the rest of the bends. This finishes off most of the frame now with only the very first cross member still to be added once everything is in place that could interfere with it.