Stripping the paint can reveal some nasty surprises like this dent. Has holes in it where they must have tried to use a dent puller but the B pillar is in the way so was never going to work. Can see the dent is spread out a fair way too.


The B pillar is right in the way of getting to the back of it and why they just filled it with filler. I decided the best way to fix it would be to remove the pillar, by drilling out all the spot welds, so I could fix the panel and also the dented pillar itself.


Hammer out most of the dent just using a blocking hammer over the bench. Then used a slapping file to straighten the edge out along the end of the bench. Selected a dolly as close as possible to the original undamaged curve to bring out more of the dent with a hammer and slapping file.


Can see using a straight edge the I am almost there. Actually needs to go slightly more than straight to get it back to how it once was. Used a palm beater bag that I filled with brickies sand and a high domed hammer from the inside to push the dent out further.


Got it pretty close but decided to weld up the holes next before final plenishing and fixing the edge also. Can see it came out quite well.