Fitted the door temporarily to get the right angle of the A pillar. Can see how much longer I have made the cab here too compared to stock. An extra 177mm or 7". The sides lean inwards so needed to make sure that it lined up with the rear wall. Side cowl vent is just sitting there for the moment to see how it looks.


Time to get the longer centre part of the cowl to fit in. Can see it has too much curve so there is a dip where the join is. The ruler shows it better and how much it needs to come up to get a go flow to the panel.


Can make out the soft 'M' profile that will have to be altered to get it to flow with a fair curve. I will flatten out the centre section by hammering over the roller skate wheel. The metal needs to shrink as it is flattened and this hopefully will allow me to do that. Look up donut dolly on YouTube and see the process.


This side nearly there but the area around the Willys stamping is sitting a little high and will need to be addressed. There is still a dip on the other side left.


Making a template from the other side it clearly show where it needs to be raised. I did this by turning it upside down and hammering it over the skate wheel. Used the dished dolly as well. Last picture shows the improvement.