Time to fit the door sill supports. The original ones first had the ends replaced to repair rust damage. Then right in the middle, the extra 7" that the cab is longer was added. This had to be done there due to the width change in the support. The extra was added at the widest point.


To weld the support in, a series of holes were drilled in the sill where the supports flange sits under. For some reason this was missed on the later cab but not the early one? The support was added before the floor was put in so more welds could be done inside the support where it attaches to the pillars.


Time to make the floor extension. A cardboard template was made and then transferred to metal of the same gauge as the rest of the floor. Extra was added for the flanges and the lap joint along the edge.


A bead was added to stop any drumming. A 3/4" joggle was added so it tucks under the donor floor so it can be plug welded togther.


Used the bead roller to tip the flanges so it can be plug welded to the side of the cowl. A shrinker was used to make the bends in the flange. The tipping method was used again along the slightly curved edge that will fold down over the top of the sill.