The next chapter has begun. I drove in the Grand Cherokee and carried it out! So now the Willys is back in the workshop ready for the tear down after much time was spent calculating how all the driveline would fit the frame. Hard to believe in the left shot above that the Hemi and all the suspension etc will one day be under the Willys. The rear bed has been removed and the guards and lower frame shirt saved for reuse. Nothing else will be used as in too poor a condition and not the bed style I want as want the US version as fitted to these over there.


Front panels all off as was surprised how easily they all unbolted. Even the doors which are held in with just screws, that everyone else seems to strip, came right out. Hoping it would because I sprayed all the bolts with WD40 every month for the last year.


Winched the cab off so I can have a bare frame to work on.


Removed all the cross members and gave the rails a good clean. They are in excellent condition considering their age. Next thing will be to weld up all the rivet holes that held in the cross members and fully box them for extra strength as too flexible stock and have to be made to handle the torque and weight of the V8 as well.


Gives you a better idea of the engine cradle that holds everything under the uni-bodied Grand Cherokee. Just held in place with four big bolts. I will be doing the same so I can bolt it under the Willys frame. Paint damage in the front corner is from the battery acid leaking on to it. I will make my new engine mounts once I move them 175mm back on this frame to centre the axle under the wheel arch. As the frame drops away steeply, cant just weld the old brackets back in place.


Before I removed the engine mounts, I made up this little jig to make it easier to setup the new ones. They tilt 5.5 degrees back and are different heights left to right to match the mounts on the block, so felt this was the way to go. Removed the engine mounts and mocked up the front cradle 175 mm further forward than it was before. The oil filter used to angle forward at 45* and would have ended up on top of the steering rack. I removed the mount and screwed the filter directly onto the block so it pointed straight down and it cleared the steering rack easily.