Took several hours of carefully bending the louver over a pipe in the end to get it all even. But the top would tip downwards where the bending was taking place so had to stretch that area of each louver to get it back up while not doing that to the base of each one. Can see I had to shrink around the base as well as it wanted to sit up compared the the front of the piece. Least it was easy to see if each and every louver was touching the bonnet by looking through them.


Sitting without any force now so time to do the other side. I also had the bonnet support clamped in the whole time to make sure I had the final contour in place to shape to. Both sides done now.


Bit of an over view. Thought about having it further around the side as well like the very earlier Landcruisers, but then realized the hot engine air would then be drawn straight into the other louvers I made in the side of the cowl for the AC intake.


Cut the holes the same distance from the end of the bonnet as on the Landcruiser. Got some good fit up ready to be tigged.