Tacked in place. I grind down the tacks before welding right over the top of them again with the tig. I weld without stopping as far as I can go. Did have a problem along the bottom where I lost sight of the join as it was so tight! So had to double up in the area.


Hammer on dolly right along the weld area until it was perfectly straight with a metal ruler against it. This was the same vent that was badly damaged if you remember and that I repaired.


Second set of louvers in. :)


Just get it all nice and straight and then do this! Cut the step up part out that separates the higher grille slot area from the sides over the headlights.


Here you can see the two parts cut from the other bonnet inserted. These have been left much wider than I need as want some extra to make sure the hinges don't end up right in the middle of a weld seam. Also allows me to adjust the centre section width exactly after the extra grille slots have been added. New wider side pieces where the headlights are will be made for the grille later too. An extra panel will have to be made up at the bottom of the centre section. Will have the same flattened fold at the end to give some stiffness. All this will go into the citric acid bath to get rid of any rust left.