Clamped some solid round bar into the vice that matched the profile. Hit down each side to raise the rib back up. Looking a lot better now. Also pressed down on each end of the door by hand to get the curve back in again. Just moved a long a little at a time so the end of the rod would not cause a crease.


Checking to make sure the rib curve is the same with the ones each side of it. Here is the good rib I was comparing against.


Checking to see if all the same height. The whole way along was checked.


Took a break from stripping paint and tackled this dent on my Willys bumper. Can see the distortion in the reflection and also the damage on the underside.


I just did it this way. Using a soft mallet on the stump so both had some give and wouldn't stretch the metal. With most lifted it was on to more detailed work. Used a matching curved dolly and a flat faced hammer on top. I had the bumper sandwiched between the base boards of my house at one end and jammed into my stomach at the other while the middle rested on the stump. This was so I could push up hard from underneath with the dolly while tapping around the outside of the dent with the hammer from above. Pushing up harder than you are tapping down off dolly will raise the centre.