The metal is way too thick to use my bullseye pick hammer, but I used it to mark exactly underneath where I had a tiny amount of a crease left on top. Then I line up the marks from the bullseye pick over the crack in the stump and then hit down, with the new hammer I bought while over in England recently, to hit on the marks.


Can see it has come up pretty well and have done no filing. Just light hand sand to show up any low spots. Still got to get a little bit more on the side which I will do over a piece clamped in a vice to lift it.


Think this is the last major original pieces to be chopped up. This is to make the grille nearly 9" wider overall. So this is my new 10 slot grille just balancing together for the photo. Still need to add a couple of inches each side in the headlight area yet. Made wider by cutting 4 slots out of one grille and then adding it to the side pieces of the other that has had only 2 slots cut out, making it only 2 slots wider overall.


 Can see with the original 1958 8 slot grille next to it in the left photo how much wider it is. The 1948 10 slot grille next to it in the right photo. So it keeps the tie in with that and the age of the chassis and original cab too.


All together it is easier to see the differences. Thinking I might leave the horizontal grille bars off too, but we'll see. Left over pieces might be good for a golf buggy or rock crawler. ;)