Happy with the profile now. Flange still needs to be turned so overall will drop another 13mm-1/2" yet.


Was a good way to get rid of all those spot weld holes too and some rust pitting as well. So rather than put a huge cross right across in both directions, I will be making a whole new centre panel instead with 4 smaller infill panels. This will stop a massive amount of weld shrink concentrating right in the middle of the roof which is the last place you want it. It would suck the whole centre downwards and be much harder to planish it all back up again at full arms reach.


Next thing will be wheeling a nice smooth matching crown into the filler piece. Can see the crown that needs to be wheeled in across the front too. Be nice if I can get helped by someone with more experience than me on bigger panels as I have only done small ones so far.


Thought I would make up some profile templates to help as a guide when wheeling the roof panel. Just used a shrinker to bend it to the curve I wanted. Did half then traced that so I could make the other half the same. With reducing the profile at the back earlier, you can see it is pretty similar using the same gauge at the front.


Need a front to rear one as well. Now you can see how much shape it actually needs.