Can see now how it flows better along the front now. Probably not the way it is normally done, but it worked well for me. When I had tried doing the whole piece without using the rubber, I got too much curve left to right. The two side pieces have also been done and did it a similar way to the front piece as it has curve as well but right across the panel. So the final wash over was done from one end to the other in the opposite direction to the forming with the rubber left to right.


So all ready to do the in fill panel now. At the Metalmeet, with 50 years of metal shaping experience, it was a privilege to have Peter Tommasini give guidance on shaping my new roof skin. At the far end he is setting up the wheel ready to start the wheeling with Nigel helping out while I took the picture.


Was great to work with the master getting a feel for working a big panel. He would check in on Nigel and I to see how we were going and make any corrections needed. Want to thank Nigel for helping all afternoon while we wheeled together.


We would often stop and check our progress against the profile gauges I had made. Later as we got closer, directly on the roof pieces themselves. I brought them along with me as well as the cardboard layout pattern. Very close to finished here.


Thought I would turn the flanges as well while at the meet as there was a nice powered bead roller that would make it easier. I started by stretching the corner by hitting the edge over a steel stake dolly. Then use the tipping wheel to fold the edge all the way around.