One of the stake dollies I made fits quite well so will use this to form the outer window curve. Just marked where I wanted the curve to start and used a lead working bat to quickly form the bend. Leaves no hammer marks and less than 2 minutes work.


Quick fold at the top and tacked into place. Will trim the excess later at the top once the inside flange is attached. Tig welded into place.


Inside window flange taking shape. Bottom flange just needs to be trimmed off to length. My wife bought me this old Australian made spot welder as a gift. Thinks I will get plenty of use out of it when I build her a custom car next! Thing weigh a ton but works really well. Came from a business that was closing down making stretched funeral cars!


Feels like cheating as does it so quick and easy. No timer so have to keep a close eye on it as will burn holes right through both layers otherwise! The upper frame work has an extra strap that runs underneath everything. So I first welded this to each side to make sure I could get to it. Level is clamped in to keep everything straight as the glass wont bend!


Made a new upper piece for the window and this was folded over the strap and spot welded to it like factory. Next was the very top piece that is also part of the gutter that the roof skin sits in. It sits in a channel so I made one for it.