Refined the shape over some pipe. Flared the ends over for some area for the spot welds to attach it to the dash support later.


Welded the two sides together and it is ready to try out.


Fits in just nicely over the instrument panel and curves down the backside of the cowl. Another was made for the other side so the pressure difference would be the same left to right.


Want to say a big thank you to Bob Daley who showed his wife Suz this build. They sent over this Willys Overland workers badge from her Grandfather who worked in the plant and quite likely help put this Truck together in 1948! Not only that but also her father too was there around that time. I hope to find a good place in the cab to fix this once it is finished. :)Time to finish off the dash. Thought might as well cut the top from the two stock ones to start with.


Put an extra fold at along the bottom edge to give some more strength. Need to adjust the fold some from stock to get it to sit a little higher to clear the centre ducts.