This stake dolly I made from an old wood splitter works really well for adjusting folds more than 90*. Made the centre piece up from the other dash and welded it all in. The stock vent holes were lengthened by 60% and the vents trail fitted. The donor dash will sit down on top of this upper dash piece with the original metal window garnish holding it down in place. This garnish also has a louver pressed in to go over the vent slots which I will have to lengthen to match the new longer ones.


Did a lot of hunting around to fit a suitable wiper system that would fit in the space I had available. There were so many bad reports on the Chinese universal ones that I stayed away from them. This is a Lucas 14W 2 speed setup as used in many English cars like Jaguar, Mini, Triumphs etc. The replacement motor kits are all the same for these. I got this with mounting kit and the internal rack cable from Minimine. Simon has a eBay store but can deal directly too if you email as well be a bit cheaper. Everything above including a wiring loom pigtail was 80 pounds. You will also need flange nut that holds the tube rack to the rack feral, two wheelboxes, arms and blades which I bought from him as well. I fitted the glovebox to see if there was enough room to get the wiper motor in next to it.


Looks like it may just fit but have to make sure it doesn't touch anything around it as will transfer the noise otherwise when it is running. Made a bracket to weld in between the tube cowl brace and the steel support for the front of the dash.


Worked out the best position for the pivot point just by drawing halve the visible glass area on some cardboard and used some stiff wire as a model for the wiper arm and blade. Basically made sure it would just clear the top of the glass when vertical and be near the centre of the windscreen when at the bottom of the sweep. Found these rubber wiper wheelbox bezels that include the washer sprayers as well all in one unit. Saves having them on the cowl or bonnet. They fit Triumph TR4, TR5 and TR6.


The washer hose connects to the brass tube and it sprays out of the chrome piece on the side. The wheelboxes are Mini, #37H7200, as needed short one to go behind my vents. The shaft without the gear housing, but including the splined end, are 48mm-1.7/8" long. TR7 ones were 66mm-2.5/8" long. The more the angle of the cowl where the wheelbox sits is different to the windscreen, the longer the shaft needs to be to take up the difference. I had to alter the angle of the bezel until it matches the angle of the windscreen. Otherwise you can get stuttering during the sweep of the blades.