After all four panels followed the gutter line exactly, which I had already spent many hours getting it the same width all the way around and the lip the same height, I can start on the shape of the panels. The rear corner on the right side sits too low. The rear panel on the left side though sits too high. As soon as the roof panel was cut into the fours pieces originally, the rear sprung into the differences left to right. There were a lot of dents in the roof I had to taken out before cutting them apart and obviously some tension must have been left in them.


From the rear you can really see the difference left to right. Remember also that from stock after rolling a new flange around the bottom, I had taken 2" of height out of the middle and 1.5" from the corners. The front panels are sitting nicely and is 1" lower than stock right across. Looks even lower with the cab now being 9" wider than stock.


I cut out the centre of each panel as planned to fit the new centre roof infill, leaving a bit under an inch extra for trimming later. This will make it easier to correct the rear panel too. So one needs to come down overall and the other to come up so it flows into the front panels as I laid out nearly a year and a half ago now! Good to see no rust had formed in the mean time sitting in bare metal with just a coat of lanolin oil over them.


To bring the low one up I shrank along the inside edge and then had to stretch the outside corner a bit to get the overall angle back again. The high one I stretched along the inside edge and shrank the outside corner to correct the angle. Sitting much better now.


Tig welded the rear section of the roof together. I think it looks acceptable after the pancaking. Remembering that a bit more crown still to come from the roof infill panel.