Hard to believe that over stock, the centre of the roof to the floor is now 100mm/4" lower than stock! 2" sectioned out below the window and 2" above the gutter. I  wheeled more shape into it as lost a lot of the early vertical part of the roof line when the bottom section was cut off. So I increased the radius so it was steeper near the gutter like stock again.


I am trying out different techniques for putting a crease line in some scrap to go on the filler panel at the front of the roof above where the V meets in the middle. Just using a rounded cold chisel


Doesn't look to bad for 2 minutes of work. Next I thought I would try using my bead roller. It is just a hardened washer from a Range Rover trailing arm from memory, over one of my skateboard wheels from my youth.


Just ran along the line and then slowly increased the pressure while doing a shorter run each time. The one closest to the camera is the bead rolled one.


Liked it so thought I would do it on the filler panel. Made it bolder to match the crease line that runs up the centre of the bonnet. I made it peak at the top front and then taper off to nothing towards the back and a bit more left at the other end so it follows the V of the gutter. Hope it will look alright but can always smooth it out if I don't like it